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Crowd Tools is a Maya tool developed for Radar film for their feature project Sunshine Barry & the Disco Worms.  Initially intended for crowds of 50 at medium range, the tool was eventually used on crowds up to 300 at close proximity.  It depends heavily on animation cycles, and uses Maya’s geometry cache, and randomized offsets in order to create the appearance of random behaviour.

The tool is MEL based, and implements a folder-based versioning and “check-in” system.  Placement of the animation cycles is based on a directional manipulator with on-screen range and area feedback.  Fields on the interface determine randomizing parameters (scale, rotation).

The tools also organizes accessories, which can be procedurally placed onto pre-defined locators on the rig (head/tail).

The tool randomizes UVs on each imported character.  Multiple 16 pixel texture maps, scaled to fit 16×16 uv ranges determine tint for the different object (head, body, shirt, etc) textures.

More feature details to follow…

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crowd movie

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