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loco: motion control rig

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Loco is a camera motion control rig for stop motion application. The development of it is documented here:


External link to the machine film blog

Different generations of the rig are currently used in both large and small scale projects in Denmark and Germany.


interface (outdated) for the Loco system

Currently, the system accepts both .mov format files from a Maya based camera rig, and includes a curve editor to set animation curves with interpolation and tangency options.

The interface allows the user to set the camera trigger, specify the output, and specify the naming convention.

The recent versions of the software (pictured below) include user-definable interface buttons that automatically name and organize shots (bluescreen, reference, chrome ball, etc), a still camera mode, and extensive file based user preferences that give the user granular control of the software.

The software also logs motion deviance.

The software is cross-platform, although the camera trigger method is so far only OSX based (this is expected to change in the near future). Supported cameras include: Canon EOS5D, Canon EOS40D, Canon EOS450D.

At some point the interface will also include automatic playback of the current move, onion skinning, and other workflow additions.


loco motion editor


loco still mode

More feature details to follow…

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