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Pelting Tools is a UV Unwrapping script, based on the work of Dan Piponi and George Borshukov. Its features include:

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1.5.5 Beta | 6 January 2009

Windows | Mac OS X | Linux

Other Releases:
1.5.4 Beta | 2007 07 13 | Windows | Mac OS X | Linux

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    1. Place scripts in your maya/x.x/scripts dir
      • (ex.: “user profile/maya/x.x/scripts/peltingToolsSetup.mel”
        “user profile/maya/x.x/scripts/peltingTools/*.mel”)
    2. Place icon folder in your maya/x.x/prefs/icons dir
      • (ex.: “user profile/maya/x.x/prefs/icons/peltingTools/*.xpm”
    3. Place plugins in your plugin path
      • (ex.: “C:/Program Files/Alias/MayaX.X/bin/plug-ins/”)
    4. In the Script Editor, type:

source peltingToolsSetup.mel;

  1. This will create a shelf icon in your current shelf.


    • Some people have reported a “toolButton1 not found” error.

In order to work around this, create a new shelf before running peltingToolsSetup


  • Instructions are same as above with the following changes:
    1. scripts folder means “/Users/Shared/Alias/maya/x.x/scripts” or “/Users/Shared/Autodesk/maya/x.x/scripts”
    2. icons folder means “/Users/Shared/Alias/maya/x.x/icons” or “/Users/Shared/Autodesk/maya/x.x/icons”
    3. plugins in your plugin path (ex.: “/Users/Shared/Alias/maya/x.x/plug-ins” or “/Users/Shared/Autodesk/maya/x.x/plug-ins”)
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A brief tutorial on the basics (warning: the interface is a bit dated)
Pelting Tools How To.pdf

basic workflow

the basic how-to

orient vertex

how the orient vertex can help orient your mesh

parts pelting basic

pelting in parts, while maintaining a link to the original object

model views

viewing the pelt with baked normals

flexi frames

modify the shape of the frame while pelting

multi pelt & lock pelt

locking one pelt group, while simulating another

per vertex spring control

add per-vertex springs,
controlled by a dedicated slider

frame attractors

slide springs around the frame

script commands

the automated peltingtools

script commands – how to

the automated peltingtools explained

full body parts pelting

the process for a full body (simple version)

basic uv tweak

the run down of the tweak toolset

tweak for non-pelted models

tweak works on any model!

uv tweak workflow

the basic pelting -> uvtweak workflow

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