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the hairy worm

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The Hairy Worm (Hairy) is a Maya particle expression based hair system, running on a modified verlet-style integration.  Hairy was used extensively for many of the characters on the recent Danish feature film, Sunshine Barry & the Disco Worms.  The sidebar video is a demonstration of some of the features.

Hairy implements its own point-swept collision system, and responds to standard maya fields.

It implements a “permissions” model to limit global hair style creation (animators are free to create styles locally, which they can then share), a setup mode and a dynamic/animation mode.  Users can easily switch between setup and animation, in order to create additional hairs or reposition existing hairs.

Animation mode contains various attributes and controls which define the relationship between keyed styles and dynamics.  Controls are implemented both at a global hair system level and on a local per-hair basis.

More feature details to follow…

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